Monday, October 5, 2009

A week in the life

Christina invited me to participate in "A week in the life" a documentation of my world. It would have been fun to do it while my parents were here. Life seems more exciting when someone is around. I would have enjoyed looking back at their visit and how much richer my life is when they are a part of it.

The hours of daylight are quickly when I get up it is dark. The part I like about it is the soft glow from the lamp, almost like a Christmas tree. I putter around getting coffee allowing my eyes to adjust, sit down and wrap up in a favorite throw and turn on the attitude adjuster! Without the mega watts I turn into a big GROUCH!

I sit like this for an hour, my mind wanders for a while then begins to plan...I like to plan! I plan my day, week, year, next art project, retirement, paying bills... Many times I have to rein it in from planning the demise of someone else. That is when I need to pray or crack the bible that sits there and have a morning devotional! Okay...enough transparency!
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