Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quilt top

This is the test piece (45x18") on a background that Jo Ellen did. My niece Aryn picked it as a color choice for the border on her quilt.
We shall see if I can get close.

Today I procrastinated as long as possible and then began the top. It is still wet and the flowers are more purple than blue. I LIKE it!
The top is 4x6 and will have a 12" border added to it.

The sun has decided to peek out so I think the dog would love to go on a bike ride with me...NO..he does not know how to ride a bike!!!
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  1. but I bet you could teach him!!!!


    I am with Loretta....I AM adoptable!!!

    you are simply amazing DAHLIN'

  2. Oh gorgeous, can't wait to see it completed!