Thursday, September 17, 2009

Purina Dog Chow

Tyler turned 22..
He is a sweet kid (most of the time) and would not want me to advertise it, can't be ruining his reputation.
I did not take a pic of the card I made for him because the camera went up the river with the guys. I wrapped the card as his present using my favorite wrapping paper....Purina Dog Chow bag.
They use a heavy plastic that has great color on one side and white woven texture on the other.

Kirk and Tyler went up the river for the opening of moose season. The camera came home with some great shots from the tree stand.

They did not get a moose this trip...maybe next trip!

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  1. who would have thunk it! Purina Dog Chow......
    that is too cool......have you used alcohol inks on it? my puppy has boring dog food......atleast the packaging is :)