Saturday, July 4, 2009

pin cushion

I have always loved crazy quilts and hope to make one someday. I was surfing the web and found this wonderful tutorial on a CQ pin cushion at Ivory Blush Roses

She is I just had to try. I have never embroidered and have very little idea what I am doing. I did find places that tell you how but it would be much easier for me to be shown.

It is about a 9 inch circle with gathering be pulled around an old CD.

I do have lots of cool beads and flowers to use, buttons and lace too!

Pulled around the CD with the bottom still to be made. I did decide after this I may never get a quilt done...I can not believe how long it took to embroider this.
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  1. Your pincushion is lovely! So glad you were able to make use of the tutorial! You'll get faster with time and practice! It used to take me forever to do the embroidery, but now it goes pretty quickly. It's the beads that take me forever now!

  2. It's way better in person. Nice job Katrina!