Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fabric tree

I wanted to get a vinyl cling wall art tree for Deanna. I am so goofy...I really like something
but do not have the best wall space (get rid of something I have..No). So I give it to her for
her really cool walls that are not full YET!

Deanna had a different idea. She wants a fabric tree that has leaves that will move with the air currents. She came by and we began to test fabrics in my stair well. we cut leaves from silk and cotton and stapled or glue dotted them to the wall. The trunk is velvet (scraps for the testing) rolled and braided and stapled to the wall. When the doors are open there is a breeze through the stairwell and the silk leaves really flutter!!!

When Kirk came home he was jazzed that there was a stairwell decoration...I mentioned that I knew he would not care if I stapled stuff to the wall...He told me not to tell people he does not care, not only does he care...He encourages it!!!
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